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    Founder Angeline Myers presents Isles of Ophir, a sustainable jewelry and clothing collection helping women to build confidence. In aid of mental health, we advocate, promote and teach the importance of self love and confidence.

    About Angeline:

    I’m Angeline Myers, the founder of Isles of Ophir. I am extremely passionate about helping anyone I can build self confidence and find unconditional love within themselves. I grew up struggling with my mental health and experiencing many loved ones around me deal with depression, anxiety and lack of self esteem.

    I found comfort in art, storytelling and using pearls as a reminder that I am loved by me. I use pearls as a conscious intention to balance my emotions, helping me feel uplifted and a reminder to stay beautiful on the inside. In learning to be more mindful of my thoughts I become more aware of the impact we have on the people around us.

    Pearls and fashion are not the only tools I use to help aid my mental health. I seek the help of life coaches, therapists, retreats and friends to get my mind in a healthy place. I feel a calling to give back to the mental health community and Isles of Ophir is my way of doing that. It is my way of helping other people who struggle to know they are supported and never alone. It gives me hope for a happy and healthy future.

    Our mission is to produce collections that are mindful, empowering and sustainable. Our slow - fashion collections are fair trade and use the most eco - friendly practices possible; they are made into beautiful, clean and comfortable styles. Our jewelry pieces are created using sterling silver and freshwater pearls.

    Make pearls a part of your daily care routine, the last thing you put on in the morning to remind you to be kind to yourself. Pearls are delicate just like our mental health and something that needs to be priority. We want you to look and feel incredible everyday – love yourself so that you can spread love to others. 

    Now I understand that a pearl or a silk sarong is not going to be the sole reason you suddenly learn to heal but it is my hope that it can be a daily wellness tool to reconnect with your true beautiful self. 

    With Love & Gratitude,

    Angeline Myers